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Previous: KIAC Residency

For the Month of May 2019 I was an Artist in Residence alongside Jennifer Norman for the Klondike Institute of Arts and Culture (KIAC) in Dawson City, YT. I went up there to get back to the roots of my artistic practice, which is drawing. It really was a month for experimentation, I started a new idea for a comic, made a drawing out of a bedsheet, played with human expressions, and did a whole lot of research. I really feel I made some headway into what I want from my practice and where I would like to see it go. I am really glad I was given that opportunity, the KIAC team was extremely helpful and friendly. I have to say, next to Winnipeg, I haven’t seen a stronger and more supportive art community than what I experienced in Dawson City. I’ll have to create a reason to go back up to Dawson City, but if your interested in them, here is their website.

Upcoming: Ignite Festival 2019!

From June 12-15 I will be doing a performance alongside James Avramenko for the Ignite Festival 2019! We are performing alongside a few other amazing artists in the Interdisciplinary category. Our performance titled Byword is a combination of Jame’s Spoken word and my drawing and projection work. I’ve been slowly interjecting performance into my practice, first starting with Syncopate for the Spectral Illuminations 3 event Sept 2018, and then leading to my experimental piece Discharge for the To The Awe group. Ignite was kind enough to accept my proposal to continue to experiment with this way, and partnered me with a great performer to help me along. I am very excited for this piece, James has been a pleasure to work with and its been fun to create.

James and I are slotted into the Buffet series time slot, check out Ignite’s website for more information. (Go down to the Buffet Section)