Exhibitions and Projects 2019 Calgary-Dawson-Calgary

Something’s Wrong Project in Progress. Started during the Calgary Allied Arts Foundation (CAAF) Residency December 2018-January 2019. cSPACE King Edward, Calgary.

Installations, projections and drawings.

Special thanks to Chris Pecora for letting me play with his Risograph machine. Also special thanks to the cSPACE residents for making me feel welcome and CAAF for the opportunity.

Installation for Liquidate Your A$$ets! Hydration Party at Truck Contemporary Art Gallery, Calgary.

Animated projection over Mural.

Discharge for the fifth installation of To The Awe 2019. EMMEDIA Gallery, Calgary.

Animation, projection, sound, and performance.

Photos by Bon Adriel Aseniero

Performance piece for the fifth installation of "To The Awe" 2019. At EMMEDIA Gallery, Calgary. Video documentation by Paul Yang. Sound composition by me, but sound clips were provided by freesound.org https://freesound.org/people/TuneHntr_2Day/sounds/60600/ and https://freesound.org/people/follytowers/sounds/415960/

Klondike Institute of Art and Culture (KIAC)

For the Month of May 2019 I was one of the Artists in Residence for KIAC, Dawson City, YT. For the month there I experimented a lot with drawing and installation.

Byword for the 2019 Ignite festival. Collaborative performance with James Avramenko. Photos by Kat Lam www.designedbykat.myportfolio.com