Calgary Feb 23 -April 7 2018. Absurd Walls Solo exhibition for Main Space Gallery, Alberta Printmakers. Silkscreen installation.

Winnipeg March 2018. PoolSide Gallery (VideoPool) apart of the Scott Leroux Media Arts Exploration Fund and Residency. Various Projects, Sculpture, animation and projection-mapping.Click on the images to start the video.

Hameenkryo, Finland May 2018 The Arteles Comic Blast Residency. Some snapshots of my process and of the residency. The comic I started there “Phantasmagoria” (in 2019) and the other comic I finished “Diagnosis Werewolf” will have posts of their own.

From December 2017- May 2018 I was the Artist in Residence for the Dandy Brewery in Calgary. I focused on developing a comic I had in mind for years that is an exploration of abstract formalist comics and chronic illness. Dandy helped me produce this short comic and I am very proud of it. I’ve included some bits of the book and shots of the mini exhibition they let me put up in their new location in Ramsey.

Syncopate Spectral Illuminations 3. Memorial Library a part of EMMEDIA and Bearkerhead 2018. Projected animation, drawing and performance. Click the first image for video. Special thanks to Julian Zwack for video and photos.

Untitled Relief Print for Steamroller event Alberta Culture Days with Alberta Printmakers. Print supported by Common Crown Brewery. 4'x5' printed on linen.

URRGH ARRGH UUUMMM silkscreen and drawing installation at Small Space Gallery, Calgary. Photo Documentation by Jeremy Pavka.